Merion John Warren


John the Potter

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My work in clay.

I make mostly thrown objects, at present decorated functional oxidised stoneware, with most recently ornamental garden pieces, bird-baths, sundials, planters and water features, and I get most satisfaction from my work when the objects are used and handled as a natural accessory of life. I certainly do not think I am precious about my work, and love to have a problem to solve. I am most comfortable if there is a fairly tight geometric structure to my work, but I constantly strive to get away from this. The decoration at the moment derives from brush strokes, or more usually scraffitti marks and patterns loosely based on a fusion of my Celtic roots, natural forms, the ground plans of 17th & 18th century fortifications, and the automotive parts of armoured fighting vehicles. We all instinctively and automatically take from our environment and personal interests. I welcome "special" orders, and will work with clients to achieve a satisfactory outcome to particular requirements, if I think they fall within my capabilities. I like to turn round orders within 28 days for the smaller pieces, or 42 days for the birdbaths and sundials.


Merion John Warren